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Performance Pedals


The First Ever Easy-To-Mount Porsche Aftermarket Pedals

Welcome to the most revolutionary aftermarket Porsche pedals on the market. When designing these products, we challenged ourselves to provide an easy alternative to the dreaded drilling into the stock pedals while incorporating bearings to give a smooth action while accelerating. We also wanted to give the best looking design while also giving the best grip. Our Patented Hex Design and Oversized pedal provides for a slick and clean look while providing more surface area to make switching between pedals a breeze. Read the breakdowns of our pedals below! 

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Clean, Durable, and Responsive Design

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The Gas Pedal

1) The Design

In our first step in developing our pedals we were set on having not only the best looking pedals, but also the best functionally. To maximize grip and aesthetics, all of our pedals have our Patented Hex Design to give them a sleek and modern look while also providing unwavering grip to the driver. One of the biggest complaints among the Porsche OEM pedal is how thin and flimsy they are. We solved these complaints by widening out our pedals to give the driver more surface area to rest their foot and easier to go back and forth from Gas to Brake, while also making our Pedals out of Hardcoat Anodized Billet Aluminum to ensure there is never any flex or wearing down. These Performance Pedals give the driver ultimate confidence in their driving knowing the durability and response is the best on the road. 

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2) The Mounting

Finally there is an after-market pedal that requires no drilling, custom modification or fabrication. Our patented mounting system allows the driver to have our Gas Pedal installed and on the road within minutes. Our Gas Pedal is a one size fits all models from 1997-Present year Porsche's. We have two separate mounting mechanisms to make this possible, one for the older models (986/996) that operate with a cable pull throttle, and another for the new models (987/997/718/981/991/992) that operate electronically. All of our mounting features are made out of pure billet aluminum with tolerances made to fit snug so there is no play between our pedal and the stock connection. With the cable pull option being a bit more involved on the install, it is also fully adjustable to the drivers desired height. 

3) The Action

Of course it's nice to have a good looking pedal that's easy to install, but what real advantages is it giving the driver? Our patented over sized gas pedal gives the driver more surface on the top of the pedal to reduce the travel from Gas to Brake making it a breeze to shift through the gears or switch between the two in high alert scenarios. In addition to the size, we incorporated ball bearings on the moving axis of the pedal to make accelerating as smooth as possible and never having to worry about the flimsy stock piece failing. Our pedal is also fully adjustable for the cable pull throttle styles to adjust the height of the pedal to your liking. The driver will notice the difference in our pedals immediately and will never look back. 

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The Clutch, Brake, & Dead Pedals

The Manuals 

We have engineered our clutch and brake pedals to be one size fits all for all models. All manual pedal sets come with two pedal faces with mounting brackets that attach to the back of the pedal and are easily mounted with 4 Torx Head Screws. These are the easiest mounting clutch and brake pedals on the market and can be installed within minutes with no fabrication or custom modifications. Our pedal faces are bigger than stock giving more surface area for the driver while providing optimal grip with our Precision Hex Design.

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The Automatics

Our Automatic/PDK brake pedals are made to fit all Porsche Carrera's, Cayman's, Boxster's, Panamera's and Taycan's. Our brake pedal is wider than stock giving more surface area while providing optimal grip with our Precision Hex Design. These pedals only take minutes to install with our mounting brackets and are the only aftermarket aluminum pedals on the market that require no custom modification or fabrication. 

The Dead Pedals

Our dead pedal brings the whole set together by mimicking the gas pedal with the Numeric logo in the middle surrounded by our Precision Hex Design. This dead pedal only takes seconds to install with our perfectly engineered mounting system although it looks so good you aren't even going to want to rest your foot on it. Picture will be posted soon.

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We have some of the best customers in the world and they were kind enough to share some photos of their pedals for us! Take a look at all of the different variations and which ones will look best with your interior!