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About Numeric Racing

We are a passionate group of car enthusiasts. Our history is rooted in racing and bringing the best possible driving experience to your daily commute.

How we started.

In December of 2011, Numeric Racing was founded by Daniel Geberth. Since the birth of the company, Daniel has made it his mission to innovate the Porsche Driving Experience. Over the years Daniel has designed and patented numerous products that are now being sold all over the world by various companies. It has been Daniel's guiding hand and vision that crafted our most prized products.

At Numeric Racing, we are laser-focused on the automotive experience. We built our name in the industry through our patented Short Throw Shifter and Performance Cables for Porsches. The Numeric Racing Shifter and Cables have completely reinvented the Porsche Driving Experience.

As we have continued to grow we have increased the number of patented products we produce. Through our years of experience in the industry, we have had the pleasure to use and test some other fine products produced at other companies. We have embraced the opportunity to work with them and we distribute products from these selected partners. Numeric Racing has pride and passion in our name. You can rest assured that any partner product which we sell has been tested by our in-house team. This is to ensure the quality of everything we sell. 

The front office wall of Numeric Racing HQ.

Building the company

We have expanded to a new location in 2020.

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Looking to the future

Thank you for supporting Numeric Racing. Your support has allowed us to invest seriously into new product development.

Our Team

Image of our founder Daniel Geberth

Daniel Geberth

Daniel has over 35 years of experience working in manufacturing environments. In 1989 Daniel went to work for his uncle's business. manufacturing airless paint sprayer equipment. In 1995 Daniel was the co-founder of a large manufacturer for motorcycle racing products. It became a worldwide brand sponsoring some of the best motorcycle racers on the earth. It allowed Daniel to refine his passion for racing. It was this passion for driving and racing that lead Daniel to Porsche. In December of 2011, Daniel founded Numeric Racing. Bringing his vast years of experience to the automotive performance industry. Daniel takes his pride in quality and high performance. He brings this vision to work with him every day as he provides the mission and tone to Numeric Racing.

Jordan Lewis

Jordan joined up with Numeric Racing in the Summer of 2021 and brings a ton of creativity and innovation to the team. Jordan handles all of the marketing, sales, inventory management, and oversees day to day business operations. With years of experience in creative design and team management, he is always helping us find new ways to innovate in the Porsche World.

Jordan Lewis Vice President