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Custom Shift Cables


The Best Shift Cables For Your Build

Building a custom car and looking to get the highest quality shifting set up? Look no further, we've got you covered. We will work with you directly to make sure we get all of the correct measurements and have your car shifting like a dream in no time. Read below for the steps in our custom cable process!

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Any Type Of Car

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Custom Fit

The Process

1) Shifter Fitment and Measurements

In the first step of our custom cable process, we get our customers to mount one of our shifters in their car. Our shifter is able to fit in most custom car builds, sometimes it can take a bit of custom modifications but for the most part it will fit in the desired location. Once the shifter is mounted in the desired location we provide an easy to follow blueprint of needed measurements of various lengths, from the transmission, throw lengths, and others. Once these measurements are sent back to us we can move on to the next step.

Note* For all custom cable builds we have done, our customers have purchased one of our shifters and we have done everything off of the measurements of it, but if you have a different shifter mechanism you would rather use, we can most likely make something work for you.

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2) Manufacturing

After we receive back the measurements from the blueprint, we work our magic. We use our developing software to design your custom cables down to a tee off of your measurements to make sure your cables are a perfect fit. In some cases your cables may have to be routed in a way that could be close to extreme heat, in which we are able to wrap our cables in high temperature casing to ensure you will never have a cable melt on you. After we design your cables, they go through manufacturing and then they are thoroughly tested to ensure all throw lengths are spot on with your measurements. Once everything tests out and is good to go, we are on to the fun part.

3) Installation

After we finish up all of the work on our end, we express ship your custom cables so you can get them in your car as quick as possible. The installation process is usually very straight forward and we are accessible at nearly all times if you come across any issues with the routing of the cables, adjustments, or any other issues. After installation we follow up and make sure everything is absolutely perfect and you are fully satisfied with your shifting set up. In the unlikely event there are any issues at all in measurements we will be more than happy to fix them as quick as possible. Now not only do you have a shifting mechanism to fit your custom build, but you have the best products on the market. 

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B Is For Build - Custom Lamborghini Huracan Cables

We had the honor of getting to put one of our shifters and custom cable sets in the world's second ever manual Lamborghini Huracan! Chris reached out to us and gave us the run down of this incredible build when it was in the very early stages of production and we had to be apart of it. Check out this video to see Chris's review of our products! Skip to 18:00 for our segment!

Why Our Cables?

One of the most common problems for manual cables is the shift cables. It's not really a matter of if they will break, but when they will break. We wanted to make a permanent fix to this issue. Our Performance Custom Shift Cables are the most durable on the market and everyone's go to, for multiple reasons. Our cables are thicker in diameter for strength and also have full motion, snap back to center capability. This keeps our cables from bending back and forth and snapping, opposed to stock cables that act as a perforation. Our cables have billet aluminum rod ends for precise engagement, opposed to the unsecured rubber bushings on the stock cables. On top of these features, our cables have stainless steel bulkhead mounting nuts to ensure there is no room for play. In almost a decade in business, we have never had a cable break on one of our customers. Don't let your awesome custom build have subpar cables.