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Numeric Racing Shifter and Cables Customer Review Video

A Huge Shoutout to our guy NorCal987 for doing this awesome in depth review of our Porsche Short Throw Shifter and Cables! He highlights a ton of good points on the Performance, Durability, and Installation Process! Definitely give this video a watch if you want to know more about our products from a customers point of view!

Why This Should Be Your First Modification

Some of our customer reviews!

"So, how do I like this thing? LOVE IT. One of the things I like about every Porsche I've owned is how mechanical everything feels. Like super precise and mechanical. The stock shifter was fine, but this is just a whole new thing. ZERO play in neutral. The throws are short, quick and snick into gears easily but with a super satisfying click. I think this is amazing. It's a little pricey but for a manual guy I really recommend it. If you bought a manual like me you really had to go out of your way to find that car as there's so few now. So adding this makes perfect sense to me. It's easily the nicest shifter I've ever used."

Alec Syme

"As far as the shifter goes, it is awesome. I have it on the shortest setting and the throw has got to be about 50% of what it was. The action is very smooth, the ball bearings really make the difference. It really transforms the shifting experience, movements are precise with minimal shifter slop when it's in gear. While the old shifter was like working a stick in mud, this one is like flicking a switch. By far the biggest improvement comes from the shifts that also include a lateral movement. (2nd-to-3rd and 4th-to-5th) What used to feel like 3 distinct movement are now one, especially 4th to 5th."


"Shifting is simply a dream now. I went from the stock shifter to a B&M lever to the Numeric Racing shifter. It was like night and day. My B&M shifter was loose, both in gear and out of gear. I was hesitant for people to drive my CS, especially on the track (ie. an instructor) due to the sloppiness and vagueness of the shifter. Now, it's very solid and short. Shifting requires more effort now, nothing crazy, but it is more effort. Shifts into 1-3-5, are same throw as previous, not as vague, but satisfactory. I can't describe why, but the shifts into 1-3-5 are short, but unexceptional. Shifting into 2-4-6 are a different matter all together. The shifter just 'snicks', just beautifully moves into place, naturally and precisely. It's EXACTLY as I would expect a German sports car should be. The one word I can use to describe the Numeric Racing Shifter is: "Precision"


The shifter in the first few years of the 991.1 was pretty bad. I’d miss shifts or grab the wrong gear literally every time I drove and my shifting never improved the longer I drove. Part of me feels Porsche did this intentionally to thumb their nose at non-PDK buyers, and to be clear, I’m pretty damn good at driving stick. There are just too many gears packed in a small space and the vague plasticky feel with little to no help from the linkage guiding the gears doesn’t help. Porsche definitely improved the shifter in the 2015+ cars (IIRC when the GTS became available, it was night and day), but still far from ideal. 991.2 cars, especially GTS it’s a tossup, but 991.1 cars, it’s an easy no brainer. I added the Numeric shifter in my 2013 Carrera S and it was the best improvement I made with that car. Metal on metal, bolt action, ridiculously precise feel, adjustable height, it is a mod you will definitely not regret. Don’t waste any more time, just get it. To answer your question on transmission of vibration through the road, no, you don’t get any of this. The gearbox is very isolated from this relative to other cars with stick. The shift linkage is pretty will insulated from this.

Ryan Darr