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Numeric Racing has been redefining Porsche products since 2012. We have a wide variety of products for all Porsche models starting with our Patented Numeric Racing Performance Shifters, Cables, and Pedals. You'll be excited to know that these parts are only the beginning. Come back frequently to check out some of the great new parts we are working to deliver to the market.

We have recently expanded our partner parts offerings. As well as crafting a new online experience with this website that will provide a better platform to deliver you the best in Porsche products moving forward. Our goal is to provide the best experience by priding ourselves on prompt delivery and exceptional customer service. Make sure to use our Live Chat to communicate with us or head over to our Contact Page to get in touch with us!

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Our billet aluminum shifter built with ball bearings on every axis completely changes the game. Fits completely OEM and reduces throw reduction by over 40%. When Numeric Racing creates a part we create the best possible part for your driving experience.

Billet aluminum shifter built with ball bearings on every axis

Numeric Racing uses only the best pieces for part creation


Numeric Racing does not use inferior pieces in our part creation. We pride ourselves on creating the highest quality parts. When you get parts from Numeric Racing you can rest assured that the parts are tried and tested personally by us. We make sure that our name is only associated with the best products.

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