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The Numeric Difference

Numeric Racing was founded on one principle. Quality. 

It all started in 2012 when our Owner Dan bought his 991 Carrera and was extremely unhappy with the stock shifting mechanism. After some time of dealing with the sloppy shifting he decided to purchase one of the aftermarket short shifter’s that replace the bushings within the stock shifter. At the time there were no OEM fitting completely redesigned shifters that totally got rid of the plastic housing. After installing the short shifter, he was still extremely unsatisfied. But with decades of engineering and product design experience, Dan knew he could make something that would change the game. 


First we have to talk about what makes the Porsche OEM shifter and cable set up so below average. In order to make something better, you have to address the issues. No one would know this unless they took their console off, but the stock Porsche shifter is made up of just about 100% plastic. The make up of this plastic shifter is what delivers the extremely long, sloppy, and indirect throws. This could result in missed shifts and an overall unsatisfying driving experience. Through the feedback we have received, majority of drivers want to feel connected to their car. They want to feel as if their hand is in the gearbox and they have total control over the car but sadly, the stock set up does not provide this. 


One thing that some people glance over in their battle for better shifting is how much of a role the cables play. The shift cables are much more than a middle man between the shifter and transmission. Unfortunately along with the sub-par shifter mechanism, Porsche did not do a great job with the stock cables either. From the unsecure rubber bushings to the flimsy cable material that often breaks and leaves people stranded on the road, they needed some help. Which is where we come in. 


Now, to how we capitalized on these issues. The intention was to build a shifting mechanism that was made completely out of billet aluminum and had ball bearings on moving axis’ to ensure a durable, precise, and smooth shifting action. With all of these elements combined, it gives the driver a full control feel of the car with tight, direct, and buttery smooth shifts. The ball bearings allow for full motion range with no play while the billet aluminum housing gives it stability like no other. We wanted to pair this shifter with cables that would be thicker in diameter for durability, return to center full motion capability, and billet aluminum rod end connectors for precise engagement. All of these elements combined would give drivers a more direct and less sloppy feel while also providing durability to never leave them stranded with a snapped cable. So after months upon months of design work, prototyping, and testing, we delivered on our intention and developed the best shifting set up the Porsche world has ever seen. Come see for yourself, The Numeric Difference.