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Welcome to Numeric Racing's Video Page. Here you can find all videos related to Numeric Racing and Our Products! We have customer reviews, customer installations and product showcases along with our very own installation videos! This page is updated regularly so make sure to check back frequently to see our updated content!


Featured Videos

Porsche 911 GTS / Numeric Short Shifter

In this video, Joe Hutchinson compares the Numeric Short Shifter to the Stock Porsche OEM Shifter. Check it out to hear his review!


Numeric Shifter and Cables Install

Looking to install your Shifter and Cables yourself? Here is an extremely helpful 30 minute installation video to guide you through the process!

Why This Should Be Your First Modification

In this video, Norcal987 gives an awesome in depth review on our shifter and cables in a Cayman! He answers a ton of FAQs and talks about the Performance and Install!

The Best Short Shifter

After hearing about how good everyone says the numeric short shifter kit is for the Porsche 911. Will went ahead and bought it. In today's video Will puts in the Numeric Short Shifter along with the Numeric Metal Shifter Cables into his 997 c4s.

Numeric Shifter vs. Porsche Stock Shifter

Watch this video to see the visual difference between the Numeric Short Shifter and the Stock Porsche Shifter


Numeric Racing 991 Shifter and Cables

Here we show how short and precise the throws are in a 2017 991 after the Numeric Racing Shifter and Cables installed!



Installation Videos

NM400 Installation


Cable Install Part 1


Cable Install Part 2