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John - Planet 9 

You would have to remove my cold dead hands from my Numeric Shifter and Cables before I would give them up.

Steve - Facebook

Have the shifter and cables on my 987 Cayman S. Best thing I've ever bought. I might have sold the car already if it wasn't for this.

Paul - Amazon

Ok, this shifter is beautiful to look at alone. It is a dream to use. Rifle bolt action while reducing throw. It even adds to the sound of a solid shift. Bearings on all axis. So it is smooth as butter. This product is highly reviewed on the 911 forums and it doesn’t disappoint.

Frank - Rennlist

I got the shifter installed yesterday, and WOW!!! What a difference! It's really incredible. So tight and precise. I was a bit skeptical that this was worth the money, but not anymore. Just an amazing feel.

G Funks - Instagram

Best shifter I have ever used, and I've had several short throw's in other vehicles, so it's not just the upgrade from the Porsche slop. Thanks for talking me into the cables as well, can't wait to track it.

Gttrois - Instagram

Best mod you can do to your Porsche 911.

Plifechannel - Instagram

These shift like a rifle made out of pure butterscotch! Biggest regret was not getting one of these for my 911

Brad - Facebook

Have both cables and shifter and absolutely love them. Will continue to come back for all my Porsche's I aqcuire1

Clint - Facebook

I recently installed the shifter, but I'm still on stock cables. The piece is very high quality, fits perfect, and feels amazing. Everything is so precise and direct feeling compared to the factory plastic unit. Definitely worth the money.

Joe - Facebook

I have a Numeric shifter, it's fantastic. Don't have the cables but I wouldn't hesitate to install them.

Latonnelier - Rennlist

Wow, installed the shifter and cables on my 997 this weekend and I am amazed. Shifting feels much like a well lapped bolt in a rifle. Adjustments with the cables are much easier than the OEM setup.