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Why Choose Numeric Racing Products over OEM?

This is one of our most frequently asked questions and one that we love answering. The feel and performance of the OEM transmission parts in Porsche are the reason that Numeric Racing was born. We wanted to revolutionize the driving experience by designing much more rigid and durable parts. Below we will list some of the key differences between the Numeric Racing Shifter and Cables versus the OEM Shifter and Cables along with some pictures!

Shifter Comparison

Numeric Racing

  • Short Precise Throws

  • Zero Play or Flex in Gear

  • Billet Aluminum Housing

  • Precision Bearings on every Axis

  • Bolt Action Rifle Like Shifting

  • All Stainless Steel Hardware

  • Adjustable Height and Throw Lever (NM100)

  • Patented and Rigid Design for more Mechanical Feel



  • Long and Sloppy Throws

  • 0.5in. to 1in. in Flex in Shifter While Car is in Gear

  • Plastic Housing

  • Plastic Bushings - Creating More Play

  • No Bearings At All

  • Non-Adjustable Lever 

  • Plastic Made Design = Not Very Durable

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Cables Comparison

Numeric Racing

  • A Cable Has Never Broken

  • Aluminum Rod End Connectors

  • Increased Diameter for Durability

  • Enhanced Shift Connection Resulting in No Play

  • Durable Casing

  • 3mm Lock Nuts to Secure Cables



  • Very Prone to Breaking (90% In Same Exact Spot)

  • Plastic and Rubber Rod Ends - Not Rigid

  • No Locking Nuts to Secure Cables

  • Thin in Diameter

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